The X-factor (Quality) is Projected to Drive Growth of X-ray Inspection System Market

Published: February, 2024
| Industrial Equipment & Automation

An X-ray inspection system is a technology that uses X-rays to examine and inspect objects, materials, or products for various purposes such as quality control, safety, and security. It is widely used in several industries due to its ability to penetrate and analyze the internal structures of objects. It is a non-destructive testing method and helps in quality assurance, safety, medical imaging, material analysis, process optimization, and increased productivity.

These systems are pivotal in manufacturing, ensuring products meet stringent quality standards by detecting defects and foreign materials. In healthcare, X-ray systems provide indispensable diagnostic imaging, aiding medical professionals in identifying and treating various conditions. In security applications, such as airport screenings, X-ray inspection enhances safety by detecting prohibited items within baggage and cargo. The non-destructive nature of X-ray inspection makes it an invaluable tool for optimizing processes, adhering to regulations, and advancing research and development.

X-ray inspection system is available in 2D and 3D types. This system employs X-rays to penetrate the object, and the resulting data is captured and processed to generate detailed 2D images. 2D X-ray scanning takes place under controlled conditions to project internal images of a subject onto a viewing screen. This method is used in quality control processes to determine defects or manufacturing errors.

However, it is difficult to provide accurate information on the depth of an object or its internal structure using 2D X-ray imaging. Therefore, products or components having complex geometry or varying levels of thickness cannot be analyzed optimally. Due to such drawbacks, 3D X-ray inspection system is expected to show higher demand in the coming years.

X-ray inspection system consist of several hardware such as X-ray source or tube, detectors, collimators, image processing components, conveyor systems, data storage system connectivity ports and filters, etc. X-ray inspection system find its use in several industries for quality inspection. In industries such as food & beverages, medical devices & pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, electronics & semiconductors, this system has high demand to meet stringent quality assurance.

North America is estimated to show significant growth of the global X-ray inspection system market over the forecast period. North America, particularly the US and Canada, has stringent regulatory standards across various industries such as food & pharmaceuticals. X-ray inspection systems are crucial for manufacturers to comply with these regulations, ensuring product safety and quality. Also, the US is home to advance and diverse manufacturing industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices thereby driving the market growth.

Source: Intent Market Research Analysis

Key players operating in the global X-ray inspection system market are Anritsu, Comet, Ishida, Mettler Toledo, Nikon, Nordson DAGE, Omron, Shimadzu, Smiths Detection, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Toshiba, among others. These players are adopting several strategies such as new product launch & product enhancement to improve their market share. Some of the recent market developments are listed below:

  • In November 2023, Comet Yxlon presents new inspection system for the semiconductor industry. Its 3D X-ray images with a resolution of less than 1 µm can reliably identify typical defects in 3D IC solder connections, such as missing and bridged bumps, voids, non-wet, head-in-pillow, bump shift, and deviations in standoff height or deformations.
  • In July 2023, Shimadzu announced its plan to release the VCT option that enables VCT (vertical CT) imaging on the Xslicer SMX-6010 microfocus X-ray inspection system. In addition to fluoroscopic imaging, the Xslicer SMX-6010 is equipped with PCT (Planer CT) imaging functionality as standard, which provides cross-sectional images without the need for complex procedures.

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