Market Assessment / Evaluation

At Intent Market Research (IMR), we understand that our client's success relies on a complete and accurate assessment of market dynamics. Within market assessment services, we develop and provide valuable insights about the industry by analyzing market trends, customer demographics and behavior, market opportunities and drivers, and risk assessment to enable businesses to refine their strategies effectively.

With our unique insights, organizations can assess product demand, identify unmet needs, enhance value propositions, and create marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Our offerings serve as a compass, guiding businesses in making data-driven business decisions for successful product launches, improved customer relationships, and a stronger positioning in the business landscape.

Here are some key services that we commonly offer:

Growth Strategies
  • IMR delves into specifics of market sizing, customer perspectives, industry trends & dynamics, etc. to formulate organic and inorganic growth strategies
  • Our recommendations enable clients stay at the forefront in pursuing market expansion strategies leading to higher market shares and profitability
Demand & Supply Analysis

Demand Analysis:

  • Intent Market Research analyzes economic conditions, consumer trends and preferences, availability, and advertising to assess product or service demand
  • We develop strategies to understand behavior at the end-use levels and guide businesses on how pricing and service levels impact customer buying decisions

Supply Analysis:

  • IMR tracks the complexities of supply networks by analyzing suppliers, raw material supplies, operational parameters, logistics networks, and so on
  • We deliver high-value research services that are crucial for pricing strategies, sales forecasting, operational costs, etc. for informed decision-making
Product Opportunity Assessment

  • IMR provides deep-dive product opportunity assessment for organizations to design and diversify product development strategies and revenue streams
  • Insights cover product positioning, key features, customer segments, channels to market, critical success factors, KPIs, and partnerships, to name a few
Technology Assessment

Demand Analysis:

  • Technological competitiveness is essential to achieving sustainable development, answering fundamental challenges and ambitious objectives
  • We focus on identifying disruptive and emerging technologies to offer insights for innovative solutions, required capabilities and potential collaborations

Please connect with us to gain expert insights and develop strategies to solve challenges related to market assessment and evolving growth opportunities.

Competitive Intelligence

Intent Market Research provides a clear understanding of competitive dynamics through careful data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Through our competitive intelligence offerings, businesses can identify their unique sales considerations, differentiating factors, and areas of improvement.

Our insights empower organizations to precisely target their audience and set their brands apart from competitors. Through our proprietary competitive intelligence services, IMR helps businesses to understand their competition and fine-tune growth strategies.

Few of our competitive intelligence services include the following:

Competitive Threats
  • IMR develops comprehensive understanding of threats from existing and emerging players, and ways to mitigate risks to maintain leadership position
  • We develop insights related to new product launches, lack of assimilation with new technologies, M&As by major players, industry disruptions, and so on
  • We also identify emerging competitors and market shifts, and help businesses develop contingency plans to counter competitive threats effectively
Benchmarking Metrics
  • IMR conducts benchmarking studies covering performance, strategies, and processes to help businesses understand their positioning within the industry
  • Through our benchmarking studies we compare KPIs of organizations covering processes, innovation matrix, financial performance, to name a few
  • Our insights on benchmarking help organizations optimize their processes and leverage technological capabilities to increase sales, revenue, and profitability
Competitor Tracking and Monitoring
  • Intent Market Research guides businesses through careful competitor analysis and regular tracking to drive up the competitive advantage for its clients
  • We engage in continuous monitoring of competitors’ products, pricing, place of product or service, and promotional strategies and draw out intelligence
  • Our services help businesses navigate challenges by pinpointing potential competitor risks, and proactively refine strategies to gain market share
Production and Cost Structure Analysis

We, at IMR offer in-depth analysis on manufacturing processes, identify inefficiencies, limitations, and areas of improvement to streamline and improve your manufacturing processes, making you more efficient and optimal. The comprehensive analysis on business costs serves as a guide for strategic decisions regarding resource allocation, program enhancement, and supplier networking.

IMR offers manufacturing and cost related consultation to optimize the o

  • IMR offers in-depth analysis of competitors’ manufacturing processes; and identify inefficiencies, limitations, and areas of improvement for clients
  • The deep-dive analysis of manufacturing costs, integration opportunities, and inventory optimization serves as a guide for strategic decisions for clients
  • The manufacturing cost-structure insights offered by IMR help clients optimize the overall cost of operations; resulting in better economies of scale
Strategic Roadmap and Direction
  • With our insights on strategic roadmap and directions, businesses can position themselves advantageously, and in harmony with evolving market dynamics
  • IMR offers detailed analysis on opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends and growth areas, along with strategies to counter probable competition
  • We are aligned with industry trends and incorporate ESG and CSR into business strategy that help businesses formulate and meet their sustainability goals

Please connect with us to gain competitive insights and develop strategies to stay ahead in versatile and disruptive markets.

Market Entry / Go-To-Market Strategies

Intent Market Research partners with clients who are looking to succeed in global markets and achieve their business objectives. We develop detailed analyses of market entry strategies, ways to overcome potential challenges, and anticipate competitors’ reactions.

Few of the strategic business objectives for which IMR supports business entities:

Mode of Entry

Choosing the right mode of entry is a critical decision for any business looking to expand into a new market. IMR supports on a wide range of aspects for businesses to establish a footprint in the market. The following are some main areas where we may assist you:

  • Direct Exports: Develop a sales program, and identify agents and distributors
  • Licensing: Identify a licensee with a significant market share in the market you want to enter
  • Franchising: For rapid market expansion, we offer guidance and services related to franchising in local markets
  • Partnering: For entering a local or foreign market we assist you from a simple co-marketing arrangement to a sophisticated strategic alliance for manufacturing
  • Joint Ventures: We design a strategy specific to your requirements to make 1+1 = 3
  • Acquisition: With substantial due diligence, IMR develops insights to enter a market by way of acquisition to receive the benefits of local market knowledge, an established customer base and be treated by the local government as a local firm
  • Piggybacking: Through this mode, you can enter a market where the larger firm is marketing your product or service for you internationally, and risks and costs will be minimal
  • Greenfield Investments: Advisory services on market entry strategies through greenfield investments in international markets
Market Entry Barriers

There could be financial, regulatory, or operational such as high start-up costs, regulatory hurdles, or other obstacles that act as hurdles in your market entry

  • Our pool of consultants can develop detailed analyses of potential obstacles that could prevent your market entry; along with actionable recommendations
Competitor Reaction Assessment

Carrying out detailed analysis for how competitors will react is a critical element of a successful market entry strategy. Our team of Consultants helps clients in this important aspect by following strategies:

  • Conducting Competitor Analysis: We identify the competitors' strengths and weaknesses, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market
  • Contingency Planning: We develop various scenarios and potential competitive reactions; thus, minimizing risks, and maximizing opportunities

Strategic Alliances and Acquisition Services

Strategic Alliance

Intent Market Research offers services for companies seeking to gain vital capabilities, drive innovation, or leverage the benefits of scale through strategic alliances. To achieve this, IMR designs and implements strategic alliance with data-driven insights with a focus on capturing full potential of the collaboration.

Our consultants support clients to identify potential partners, focusing on a common goal such as expanding into a new market or launching a new product to build strategic relationships.

The following are some of the areas where Intent Market Research plays a crucial role in strategic alliance process:

  • Design Alliance Strategy: Define strategic objectives and identify areas that can benefit from alliance including future aspirations, choices, and preferences
  • Partner Identification: Define desired partner, prioritize partner companies, design partnership thesis for short-listed partners, and plan a timeline
  • Partner Due Diligence: Conduct due diligence based on collaboration fit and value creation potential, conduct due diligence and initiate partner outreach
  • Negotiation: Define alliance objectives and value creation by time horizon, creation of share-in-value, define resource allocation, and exit conditions
Mergers & Acquisitions

Intent Market Research assists clients in the collaboration of companies or assets through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, and management acquisition services. Our consultants create holistic, strategic, and replicable M&A processes to develop successful corporate structures.

IMR offers analysis and support on:

  • Target Search: Prepare target profiles and analyze from multiple angles, assess feasibility, financing, risks, and other dimensions to shortlist target companies
  • Pre-Merger and Acquisition Strategy: We assess fit and synergies for each target, develop and validate strategic rationale to target the right fit for M&A
  • Execution of M&A: IMR offers strategic perspective for business plans and strategic due diligence to execute an effective M&A transaction
  • Post-M&A Integration: IMR offers functional and industry expertise for successful post-merger integration
Synergy Analysis

Achieving synergies through streamlined costs, procurement efficiencies or heftier revenues is a fundamental rationale for any M&A. Team of expert Consultants at IMR analyze M&A and deliver insights on whether the synergies offer a reduction of operating costs, procurement, overheads, and augmentation of revenue through new capabilities, new customer base, or newly developed products.

  • Revenue Synergies: IMR analyzes whether M&A can generate incremental revenues through increased market share, integrated distribution, cross-selling, geographic expansion, or access to new markets and customer base
  • Cost Synergies: The primary reason behind M&A activities is related to cost cuttings by consolidating R&D efforts and manufacturing operations. Our consultants analyze cost synergies arising from reduced professional services fees, and closure/consolidation of redundant facilities
  • Financial Synergies: Apart from revenue and cost synergies, companies involved in M&A are also analyzed based on financial synergies such as reduction in net operating losses, higher debt capacity, and higher profitability

Please connect with us to gain expert insights and develop effective strategies for creating value through strategic alliance, M&A, and post-merger acquisitions.

Supply Chain Optimization

Intent Market Research helps organizations focus on developing sustainability and resilience in their supply chain to deal with trade instability and mitigate disruptions. Through our insights on network optimization, inventory management, integrated business planning, transportation and logistics, we help our clients maximize the ROI.

In addition, with end-to-end supply chain optimization studies, we help companies reach the utmost supply chain performance by improving critical success factors such as cost (operational expenditures), speed (reduced lead time), and delivery (forecast accuracy).

Supply Chain Overview

At IMR, expert Consultants evaluate the company’s business and market, and assess the performance of the current supply chain to identify areas of improvement in terms of advanced network optimization, digital supply chain, etc.

Logistics Overview

In addition to logistic management, IMR provides support for warehouse optimization which includes connected distribution networks, implementing advanced systems, and streamlining order processing

Low-Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS)

In highly competitive business landscape, IMR supports in identifying strategic suppliers in low-cost countries with focus on supplier capabilities, reliability, cost efficiency, and ethical considerations

Please connect with us to develop effective strategies for efficient supply chain management.

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