Bioconcrete Market to reach USD 177.5 billion in 2030, at a CAGR of 28.0%

Published: June, 2024
| Building & Construction, Infrastructure

In the latest report published by Intent Market Research, the Bioconcrete Market stood at USD 34.0 billion in 2023-e and projected to grow at a CAGR of 28.0% through 2030 to reach USD 177.5 billion. Increasing Demand for Self-Healing Concrete Material Used in Infrastructure is Expected to Drive Growth of Bioconcrete Market

The self-healing properties of bioconcrete significantly contribute to the longevity of structures. The layer-by-layer approach in manufacturing, whether through 3D printing or other techniques, allows for the integration of multiple functionalities within a single material. 

This layered construction is instrumental in creating materials that withstand structural stress and autonomously repair when necessary. Advanced manufacturing techniques often enable the optimization of resource use. This efficiency is crucial in creating sustainable bioconcrete materials, aligning with the broader trend of eco-friendly and resource-efficient construction practices.

Bioconcrete Market

Homeowners appreciate materials that require minimal maintenance. Bioconcrete, by addressing its damage, leads to reduced maintenance costs over the lifespan of a residential structure. This is a compelling factor for both homeowners and builders. The use of bioconcrete adds a modern and innovative appeal to residential projects. This is particularly attractive to homeowners who appreciate cutting-edge technologies and sustainable building practices.

Bioconcrete is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining its functional properties. This versatility allows for creative and customizable designs, meeting both the structural and aesthetic preferences of homeowners. The self-healing nature of bioconcrete contributes to the safety of residential structures. It helps prevent the development of structural weaknesses that could compromise the safety of occupants.

North America has been witnessing a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices. Bioconcrete aligns with these trends, offering a more environmentally conscious alternative by utilizing biological processes for self-healing. Universities, research institutions, and private companies in North America are actively involved in the research and development of innovative construction materials. Bioconcrete is a product of such endeavors, and ongoing research is likely to drive its adoption in the construction sector.

Various regions in North America have been implementing regulations and standards that promote sustainable construction. The use of bioconcrete, with its potential to reduce environmental impact and improve the life cycle of structures, fits well within these regulatory frameworks. As awareness of new construction materials grows, architects, engineers, and builders in North America may increasingly consider bioconcrete as a viable option. Education and awareness initiatives play a crucial role in driving the adoption of innovative materials.

The bioconcrete market is dynamic, with several companies actively involved in research, development, and commercialization of bioconcrete technologies. Academic institutions like TU Delft have been actively involved in bioconcrete research. Their work in the field of self-healing materials has contributed to advancements in technology.  The major players operating in the global bioconcrete market are Auro Gums, Aurochemicals, BASF, Berg + Schmidt, Cemex, Costain, Covestro, Evonik, Hallstar, IOI Oleoche

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